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Metal Can Crusher 12oz

Metal Can Crusher 12oz

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Great for the Environment: Easily crushes cans/bottles to approx. 1-inch thick pieces for easy recycling—saving room in garbage/recycling bins

The McKay Can Crusher/Smasher: Recycle seltzer, soda, pop, and beer cans; the 16-oz. crusher smashes standard 16 oz. AND 12 oz. aluminum cans and features a hole on its top plate to easily crush plastic bottles too!

Safe & Reliable: Mounts to any solid surface, wall, table, etc.; hardware included

Sturdy All-Steel Construction: features thick steel arms, reinforced upper plate, and a large, cushion-grip handle + a built-in bottle opener

Only 2 Moving Parts: an easy-to-grab handle (with bolt nuts for easy repair when necessary) is easy to operate—simply pull down the handle while steel plate crushes cans/bottles

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