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Hanging Trash Can

Hanging Trash Can

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2.5-Gallon Capacity: Our hanging trash can (10.5"L x 6"W x 11"H) minimizes trips to the bin, keeping spaces cleaner and more organized.

Drawstring Closure: The kitchen garbage can features an innovative drawstring design for easy closure, preventing spills and making waste disposal hygienic with minimal effort.

30 Trash Bags Included: Versatile and functional, this hanging garbage can comes with 30 trash bags, suitable for various spaces in your home, reducing the need for multiple trash cans.

Odor-Blocking and Pest-Free: The garbage can has a lockable lid and odor-blocking features, creating a clean and inviting environment while keeping pests away.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance: Assemble effortlessly with adhesive or over-the-door hooks, requiring no tools. The materials are easily cleaned, ensuring a tidy and hygienic space without extensive effort or specialty cleaning supplies.

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